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VB603 wireless baby care monitor

VB603 wireless baby care monitor

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Detail about VB603

  • Upgraded long range 850’: Long distance baby monitor keeps an eye on your child from anywhere in your home (and can even work a short distance outside); Dependable 2.4 GHZ wireless frequency is more reliable than cameras that work with home WiFi
  • Screen Sleep Mode: Enable VOX mode and the digital screen will sleep while no sound signals detected; No unwanted screen glow when monitoring camaras from your bedroom nightstand; Set alarm in monitors settings for nap wakeup
  • Temperature Monitoring: Thermometer in the cam top measures the crib or room temperature; Make sure your babies are comfortable in summer or winter; Built in baby monitor night vision system will activate when optics sense low light
  • Intercom Talk Through: Press and hold monitor baby camera audio button to say hello or remotely comfort your child; Two way walkie talkie mode will call and allow double talking from the speaker; Nursery camera radio button works lullaby music
  • 24 Hour Battery Life: Night vision baby monitor battery is designed to be operated the entire day; Use the cordless monitor travel clip for best access during the day and charge the twin infant monitor at your bedside at night
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Customer Reviews

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Margie Lockman

Arrived in very good condition and it is as indicated. I have not tried very far distances, but it works perfect in a house of 100 m ^ 2, both for night mode and during the day.

Hanna Powlowski

VB603 wireless baby care monitor

Elaina Willms

VB603 wireless baby care monitor

Mya Schroeder

Works perfect. Good dressing room. Recommended and it took 1 week to chile

Fanny Fisher

A second time we buy the tiny camera